Learn from your mistakes!

My bad! I bet 20 + different people looked at this mock-up before I gave the green light to print 70 shirts! Boy was I embarrassed to find out after dropping these shirts off at an elementary school that the word athletics was spelled wrong! OMG… needless to say I took back the shirts and immediately started on the replacement of the shirts. Unfortunately the company I had design and print the shirts were not to willing to own up to the mistake and instead referred to my green light of the mock up. After repeated emails which escalated to management I was able to purchase 70 new shirts at 470.00 and we will try to come up with a solution for the old shirts. While the end product proved to be a blunder the whole experience was a blessing in disguise. Two amazing #RAOKstars stepped forward to purchase these new jerseys and then some! We actually raised .1 BTC and 325 UBQ which is close to 1400 dollars! Wow… needless to say this snowball that keeps rolling is proving to be one of the greatest experiences of my 43 years on this planet. This past Wednesday at a cross-country meet the whole team was unified and we had some great runners placing on the podiums. Super proud of the effort all these kids show running and I am sure they will have fun at the big track meet next week. Life is full of mistakes, as long as you learn from them it's perfectly fine to make one. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there take a chance!