Dinner for two!

Hello again folks, my planned evening out with the wife was preempted by a football game, hockey game and a fun few weeks with my brother in law who popped into town. We still managed to get out to the local steak house called The Keg for a fun night of people watching and another #RandomActOfKindness. I tell ya, it was nice to get out and just chill for a bit with a beer and my wife… no kids! lol

Early on we let our server Caroline know about our plans and she asked around to see if there was any interesting candidates for our plan. My wife and I set out observing our environment. Look at that dude always on his phone sitting by himself with a half eaten steak. What’s that guys deal? Seems like a important email and oh look, a call now. I bet he is having trouble with suppliers and the deal is about to fall through. My wife is far more sinister and dark in her analysis. As I stare at her with curious eyes I wonder, maybe its time for a Law and Order intervention soon.

We move on to the next couple…

They seem to be having a great time staring into their ipads. Oh wait one just looked up, nope, back down. Maybe they are messaging each other, hmm…

There is a couple sitting right in front of us who seem to be enjoying themselves, I say we split the plan up though hun and leave an unexpected tip for our server. My wife loves that idea and we decide to finish up and complete the transaction before we introduce ourselves to our lucky couple. Caroline was quite the pleasure to meet and expressed her gratitude for the tip and we got her favorite couple of the night title! Sweet.

We ended up meeting Mark and Joleen who were sitting right in front of us. We shared a few laughs and introduced them to our kindness campaign where we told them upon a note that we paid one hundred dollars towards their bill. They were pleasantly surprised to say the least and we are pretty sure they'll remember that dinner.

I enjoyed myself and that beer let me tell you! Not gonna lie I had a few more a few nights later at that hockey game! Go Canucks Go! LOL