Rainy day games!

I am becoming fond of Craigslist’s ability to present us with opportunities. I seem to have this weakness for posts from teachers or parents looking to improve the lives of the kids in their school. Lucky for us I stumbled upon another one! This adventure introduced us to Kathleen and the School principle Natalie from L’Ecole Elementary which is a French immersion school in Vancouver. The adventure began with a request for games for rainy days as they tend to bring the kids inside on those days. I am not sure if you know about Vancouver… it rains. Then it rains some more. And then a bit more. I had no issues snagging another $150.00 gift card off Coincards.ca to use at Amazon.ca and fired off an order for exactly what Kathleen was after. We even added a book on paying if forward written by Catherine Ryan! After we cleared all the delivery hurdles we scheduled a meetup for a Tuesday morning and as a treat I let the kids skip an hour of school to take our #RandomActOfKindness down together. That was a popular decision to say the least. We also noted in an email they were about to have a meeting soon after our visit so we stopped at Tim Hortons and grabbed some coffee and donuts for their meeting. I hope there was enough! What a pleasure to meet all those involved and we hope the kids enjoy those rainy days just a bit more. Have fun kids!