$1800 worth of groceries!

It is kind of a weird feeling heading out to the grocery store to buy close to two thousand dollars worth of food for random strangers.  But there we were standing at the front of the grocery store watching the flow of customers and trying to decide how exactly to do this!  It was quite handy having the wife and kids right there to support this crazy idea of someone covering your grocery bill.  I would not let me buy me groceries too!  The reluctance was quite interesting to observe as most people felt they were undeserved of such ideas.  In most cases we had to go for that first name and handshake before the barriers fell and they embraced the thought.  It was however a great way to encourage paying it forward and a brief moment to spread the idea of using digital currency for transparency.  In the end we met a few familiar faces, shed some tears, some laughs and ended up meeting some wonderful people. 

Enjoy the tweet storm below and stay tuned for a more polished part two of #randomactsofkindness (grocery edition) as this awesome project continues.