Shirts for sports!

Monday, 8:15 AM, I'm sitting in the corner of the same elementary gym I ran around in as a kid and it’s hard to not get a bit weirded out! So many memories and stories come to mind like the day I got my first basketball shirt which was one of the first experiences of being on a team. Well into the practice I am listening to the teacher go on about the next mini meet and distribution of jerseys, I recalled seeing a number of jerseys being to large and of different styles. At that moment a thought came to mind, how cool it would be if everybody had a nice simple T-shirt with a basic logo with enough to go around so everybody had the same uniform. This #RandomActOfKindness could be reused yearly to promote a united presence or simply a reward for all the early mornings and commitment to exercise at the end of this season. After some research I found, designed and had printed seventy shirts with a retro logo which should cover the entire cross country team. What a neat feeling to come full circle and give back to the elementary school I developed in with the same shirt I was given as a boy. As exciting as it is for these kids we can't forget the teachers, these folks go above and beyond coaching these extra curricular activities for our kids. Please don't forget to thank them often and do your best to help support their academic relationship with your kids! That said, today we bring the jerseys to school and in honor of the their hard work we decided to wake up early and bring a bunch of coffee and donuts for the staff room. I always wanted to go in there as a kid! Unfortunate for me it kinda just felt like a work lunch room… Such disappointment! LOL

Have fun at cross country kids!