Ubiq shows Compassion!

Those of us with a heart for kids understand the pain in watching little ones get scrapes, bumps, or bruises. Sometimes we hear about or see stories of kids enduring unimaginable physical, mental or emotional harm and it just breaks our hearts. A couple of months ago, one of our contributors from the Ubiq community received word that a coworker’s son from the school that he works at endured an accident in which boiling water fell over the child’s head, face, and body. The one year old sustained 3rd degree burns which required several surgeries and skin-graphs. Members from the Ubiq community stepped in to support the family with some crypto to help assist with medical costs, financial assistance, or use of their choice. In the spirit of Cryptanthropy, sometimes our acts are random. Other times we step up to lift the burden of hardship that others face. In all times, we act in love. If you’d like to donate, please send Ubiq to their Pyrus Wallet:


As of 2/10/2019 Cryptanthropy has funded this address with 1250 Ubiq or $213.00 USD