Couch and Kindness!

Sometimes I really don’t know how this is gonna play out. I didn’t even plan to do one of these today but inspiration presented itself. I had the pleasure of recieving some new furniture this week which allowed us to send our old leather reclining ones to the free section upon Craigs master list. (That Craig guy and his lists are of great amusment to me if you have followed me for any length of time). I often refer to stuff I see on there and have done many other #RAOKs from posts I have come across. Today by chance I met with three dudes who have moved to Vancouver to work on their Social Media gig. Good on them, just starting out here is a daunting task, my wife and I talk about getting out of the city quite a bit these days as the cost of living is very difficult. During a conversation about delivering the couches I heard a brief mention of them going to Walmart to grab a few things, if you come send a text. This poped into my head driving to drop this stuff off, I could maybe help out a bit.

The Walmart idea clicked, I know, I will grab a 100 dollar gift card of and lock it away on the site for them. The password on the business card linking to a protected page within our site worked pretty well last time, figured I would give it another go. So upon departure, after cutting my finger on the recliner and having a few laughs trying to get a couch into a small elevator off a busy street, I offered our gift. I got to explaining our gig to the camera they had rolling repped my Cryptanthropy shirt and asked for a few hours to set up the site. We all exchanged some good vibes as I turned to leave, unfortunatly pulling out of my parking spot some guy pushed past my efforts to pull into traffic and hit my truck. Not anything major but again if you follow me you know I rub my truck more than my wife! We exchanged info as it absolutely poored rain and I made my way home talking to my insurance company only to find out it is my fault as I was in a parked position. Doesn’t matter buddy has a city block to slow down and stop, not to mention my perfect driving record compared to his new driver decal on the back of his car.

What a weird swirl of vibes and emotions. I didn’t let it get to me though as I had this outlet to fix that unfortanate series of events. I was aware of a way to improve a life of someone I came into contact with and in which ways. I actually offered some furniture items from around our dusty garage on the eirlier coinverattion but the wife vetoed that idea, sorry hun, lol. Anyway the point is, having the ability to improve your outlook on bad experiences on your end through helping others. Or not even having, just trying, you might be suprised on the effect it has on all those involved.

Oh I almost forgot, I was super hungry during that trip and all I could think about was grabbing a burger at A&W, I decided to include them in the experience. Welcome to Canada guys…

Thanks for reading folks, wow this is the longest post yet!