Startup tweet to Teach!

Those of you following our project may have noticed we were lucky enough to receive a donation from one of the communities we added with our third party donation button The CloakCoin community reached out to us with words of encouragement towards our efforts and passed along a $50.00 USD gift card to I have said this many times on Twitter, even a few dollars towards our efforts is a real motivation booster. A validation if you will, that someone is reading, paying attention and down with what your doing. Thank you so much to the Cloak team. That said I have been waiting for a solution to present itself in terms of how I can pass this gift of kindness on to the next person. So, I decided to search Twitter for Amazon Wishlist tweets.

Wow there is a bunch of shady requests under that heading I thought to myself as I scrolled. But then I came across another Aaron. I get a kick out of seeing what other Aarons are up to in this world. Low and behold he is drumming up support for his wife who has to start a new fork in her career due to budget issues in the school board. Surprise, surprise… This seems to be right up our alley I thought, thinking back to the other teachers we have supported. So… you guessed it, I fired off a tweet and got to work on her wishlist.

We emptied that fifty dollar card with supplies and it will be delivered within few days. I think that whole process was meant to happen and it was a pleasure to be apart of it. Judi, I hope your first year goes very well. Take care and thank you for all the hard work teaching our children. Aaron good on ya for taking care of that wife like you did. It does take a village…

Update on the campaign:

Txid: Emailed gift card.

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