Veteran Kindness!


I think the best part of this experience was the reflection on what my grandfather possibly went through as a WW2 veteran. I never really got the chance to ask questions as he has been passed for many years. I don’t know how it is for you but going into my forties I have really been thinking about stuff like this. These chance replies to tweets which lead to moments of reflection, sharing and people coming together to help one another are super cool to come across. I am not quite sure if it was algorithms or searching but it was one of those moments for sure when I came across Bill Pulte. This was my second or third tweet to Mr Pulte, I really have issues with trying to solicit donations for our cause and was about to call it quits.

Let me tell ya, I sure did hesitate to fire off that tweet to try and raise ten thousand dollars worth of crypto. Am I crazy I think to myself, I tinker away at this website in my basement after the kids go to bed. I get one visiter a day if I am lucky according to analytics! Sure you kinda know some people in the crypto world, do you really think you have that much skill to pull this off? My finger hovered over the tweet button.

I really feel like this is one of those moments, if your Canadian, a TSN Turning point if you will. I need help obviously but I hate asking for it. In the end this felt like earning it so I pressed it, my final tweet to this gentleman. I don’t want to spam someone doing such great work and as someone who believes in things happening for a reason, was at peace with no reply.

Holy crap he replied.

Ah ya, of course I would support a veterans support project, I had no hesitation. How could you not be happy to help someone who would put their life on the line so we can all live in peace. So far at Cryptanthropy we buy groceries and school supplies for the most part, it sure is interesting where this is leading. I replied and waited. No reply. I was kinda relieved and disappointed, boy do I want more than anything to be able to make a difference on a large scale, sometimes to a point where it is overwhelming. Like most families we roll paycheque to paycheque and it gets frustrating. I know I will probably never be wealthy enough to fund stuff like this myself but I am sure going to try and build and support that culture. I thanked Mr Pulte for his time and consideration.

I forget that it is easy to get lost in the ether of messages when I see a reply that Mr Pulte is down for the challenge, I stare at the reply and I get super nervous. My brain is going a mile a minute and I am still a bit apprehensive. I double down and try to add some flavor and say, “let’s do it in 24 hours”. Apparently I am one for wanting to start a Twitterthon… smh. And what in the freaking you know what am I doing saying 24 hours, dude, you have 232 followers. I’m laughing at myself as I type this. Buddy, you alright mate, dreaming kinda big there.


Lost in the ether again. I breath..

Friday comes, the day I was going to launch and I get scared. I think about it all day, about all the failed ideas, businesses and what my friends would call gimmicks that never came to fruition. I don’t know what came over me but I woke up that morning and freaking attacked this challenge right from bed on the phone. Maybe it was the excitement to meet up with some like minded bitcoin enthusiasts down at the beach and enjoy the sun and some food. Confirmed, Mr Pulte was in for the RT and I got to experience what a tweet with more that 10 likes feels like! Hot damn…

I have to have some skin in the game.

I have been lucky enough to receive a few prior donations to date and I was waiting on the right moment to reveal itself like pretty much every Random Act Of KIndness we have done to date. I offer up five hundred dollars Canadian to kick off the fundraising and we are off. I work the phone hard asking for awareness in the form of RTs. Thinking back I probably should have asked people to commit to a small donation but I really struggle with that aspect of this gig. I like organic contributions based on merit not solicitation. I need eyes though so I press on. Few hours go by and nothing…

Bill asks how is it going.


I can feel the tip of the depresion dagger at my spine based off my results. My wife assures me it will be ok and I stay confident in my reply. I do however find distraction in finding accomodation for an acquaintance in a bit of a time crunch to find appropriate space in Vancouver. I work my phone some more and promise the wife I will take more time with the kids at the beach. We get our first Bitcoin donation… wow, ok it’s been a bit longer than I would have liked but at least we are not going to get shut out. I was honestly contemplating whether or not to press on after this. I would have depleted my funding and would be hard pressed to pay thirty six dollars a month to transparently post when my wife and kids are out picking up garbage at the park for content. Being shut out would have been devastating, like really tough mentally.

@WhenHub steps up huge.

I really thought more communities would see the opportunity for good will marketing here. They pay thousands for write ups in obscure crypto news sites for awareness. This was really keen on @whenhub to pick up on this in my opinion. Please take the time to research that platform and see the amazing services they are trying to provide. A unique way to access expert advice on almost any topic. Through DM we procured $1000.00 dollars worth of their service for the veterans we are trying to support. Simply amazing…

To the community that banned me for this idea, that really sucked. My first time experiencing a block or ban of some sort online. Cancel culture is not good… it is possible to ask someone to remove a post if it violated community rules or something. I know crypto is heavy on scams but try to be open to possible good too. My phone dinged again.


Another Bitcoin donation.

Nice, we are almost at five hundred dollars in Bitcoin and I am relieved that we are at least getting to a 1/4 of the goal. Maybe we can get to half way I think over the BBQ smell and view of the beach. We say our goodbyes and head home. The messages are amazing, great verbal support and I just so happened to sell a shirt down at the beach today. I am proud of the effort but my wife can tell I am lying to myself. I get back to work looking for places for my friend as a distraction. Helping people helps me get over myself sometimes I find. I must have fired off thirty odd emails and texts, I even set a text to a landline and got that message I was being charged for it. Why is that even a thing Mr Phone Company, don’t allow texts to landlines it is silly.

Goodnight Twitter.

I try to summarize our effort today and thank all the contributors including Ubiqsmart and Geocoin which have really smart people involved, great community and grassroots feel. That small Zcash donation is just as special to me whoever you are thank you so much. I also think about the people we can help with this effort, this stuff happened for a reason and someone will benefit real soon. I take great comfort in that thought as I fall asleep. In the morning I can see the DM icon and I know it is Mr Pulte, for a second I think about what it would be like if it all came together as I slept. Reality sets in fast as I scan my addresses and go over notifications. I get up to cook the kids breakfast and think about Nan who we go see on Sundays to help clean and how to summarize the 10k of crypto in 24 hours challenge.

What a crazy day.

I thank Mr Pulte and reflect on our achievement in some of my final tweets. What an honour to have people trust in our efforts. I am always amazed when people support me and the people I am trying to help. After a bit of the dust settled I ended up converting the collected digital currency and consolidating it all to Bitcoin. We then purchased an Amazon gift card for $650.00 USD and will ensure this is distributed to the appropriate people. We will update this blog as that unfolds so be sure to check back next week.


We have forwarded the first part of the funding we received to our first Veteran Kelly Krupnik. Her family should be receiving their items over the next little bit via Amazon. A list of items purchased can be seen in the slideshow above. I am pretty sure they are Ravens fans! Enjoy the laughter around the tube with a few friends this season Kelly. Take care and we wish you the best from Cryptanthropy.

Our second update brings rest in the form of a new bed and some much needed household items for Shannon Thompson and her family. After dealing with some really terrible mold issues we hope this token of kindness is a baby step towards recovery from the mental strain life likes to place in front of us. We would like to thank Shannon and Kelly for thinking of others before themselves when placing themselves in a position of employment like they did. This is the least we could do…

Btw you didn't ask but we tossed a pizza night in there for you too Shannon! Enjoy!

Aaron Fisher