Websites of Kindness!


It started off as an ad on Craigslist. Two hundred and fifty bucks for a site with five pages and a few revisions. When times are trying you have to leverage your skills to makes ends meet, so fresh off building my Cryptanthropy site I figured why not try to put those skills to test. I do have two kids to feed and life just keeps presenting the difficult side of itself. I like to think of it as a test and training for eventual wealth, lol, don’t laugh it helps. I actually had one non profit approach me to build a site prior to this experience but they decided to give it a whirl themselves. You know what? If you're in need of a website you should give Squarespace a try, it is really amazing to use and produces some good sites so people like me can pump out a decent functioning website. With my ad up for only a few days I received a call from a lady named Elizabeth. “We need a website, we are trying to build borewells in Southern India” she says to me and “How much would it cost?” I explained my setup to her and asked them to dump some info on me. I built a nice site I think but this attempt left me wanting better. I stared at it for a week as we lost contact with each other. Got a bit worried actually and finally received a call that all was well which was good to hear. I was excited for the opportunity to make a few bucks so I cranked out another site quick, up till 3am that night I think. Now I had two choices to present at an in person meeting a short time later. This was a wonderful experience meeting Elizabeth and her family and I felt like a web developer, well what I would think that would feel like anyway! I also got to share with these folks a little idea my wife and I had after watching the Ruby’s Wishes video. I could give the site to them for free if they wanted to pay for the hosting.


What a cool #RandomActOfKindness this has turned into. I noticed there were three cops sitting beside us and I would imagine they overheard us. I got a little look across the tables, a moment of eye contact as some of the reactions commenced.

I think I did a good job building and I think to myself as I walk to my truck about the revisions. Armed with more information I head back home and crank out the changes, another late night but I really enjoy figuring out new things. Right now building websites is right up there with how I used to treat video games and even trading. I literally consume it in all of my spare time and even some time that is not. My wife can vouch. A great way to get stuff done but maybe not as healthy in certain situations. The feedback is really motivating and I learn of a friend of Elizabeth who needs a site as well relating to the same cause and he also is a Doctor. “Oh wow” I reply, more opportunity and I am quick to accept but inside super nervous.


I actually get sidetracked finishing up on Ruby’s site I neglect to call but soon find myself making contact. Upon seeing the existing site Dr Ray was working with I figured I could probably fix that up a bit. It had the info but lacked some TLC with style and layout in my opinion. I knocked out a page quick for Ray and fired off a link for him to explore that evening. The next few days I pulled every bit of info off the old site and populated the new one. Dr Ray was amazing with delivering photos, additional information and guidance on how he wants the site to work, bot do I get a kick out of talking to him, such a pleasant man. Dr Ray has around forty years dealing with mental health and life coaching. This was an expanded area of the second website for him. ICCA is the Coaching and Wellness clinic and IRM is the ministry responsible for the charitable acts. It certainly was cool to set up both Ruby’s Wishes and ICCA-IRM for cryptocurrency as well via You can spend many of the top cryptos to fund Borewells, sewing machines, schools for skill development, multi purpose buildings and medical aid. ICCA even has pastor and church support for those who follow their faith. I am shocked at how one borewell which costs a thousand bucks is something we need to strive to do as a society in 2019, we need to do better. Seriously…

That’s why I donated Dr Rays site too. With quotes of 16k, 9k and 6k CAD he was quite taken by my #RandomActOfKindness and was sure to mention the fact. A few more evenings of smashing keys and dragging magical website boxes around to make things look pretty and by gosh we have ourselves a new site. We really came a long way in a week and with a few more adjustments and the redirection of their old site they will be off to the races with this amazing undertaking. I was happy to chip in a few bucks of Doge as well to you know “test the system” many buttons, doge help make water!


I would be absolutely honoured if you took the time to donate a few dollars to this cause. If you are interested you can also dedicate a borewell like a park bench or fund a sewing school for as little as six hundred dollars. One hundred percent of the donations are directed right into the project and there is no admin fees to bloat the system.

I really enjoyed this latest #RandomActOfKindness, I think this was a great way to indirectly help this amazing endeavour. A great way to further foster the caring culture with my family and those exposed to this moment of my life. I am sure this message was absorbed by my family and I am also sure my daughter thinks she is really good at running through my websites looking for broken links. If you find any blame her! I need the ammo…

Love ya honey! Lets try to fund a well now.

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