"80s Ubiq" -- Sticker pack

"80s Ubiq" -- Sticker pack


Three inch sticker pack for you, come and get it. Rock that 80s Ubiq vibe courtesy of @money_alotta or plaster one of those BUIDL on the Ubiq network stickers on your laptop. Word on the street is having such stickers makes you better at coding. So why suck? Get your stickers using the giant Coinpayments button below for only 0.88 UBQ. Use that Ubiq your HODLING so tightly and be sure to tag @ubiqsmart in a tweet, share the vibe with the rest of us!

Our stickers have thick durable vinyl which protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight. See how good they are!

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A token of our appreciation to the Ubiq community. Use the Coinpayments button and claim your stickers for only .88 Ubiq!