Pizza day for Teaching!

I think a lot of us take what these people are doing for our communities for granted. Our elected leaders are not shaping our society in a way that allows our youth to grow up with the proper resources we should expect in our amazing country. Many times, out of pure love countless teachers step up and spend the extra time or even their own hard earned money to enhance the learning environment for our kids. Sometimes they have no choice, lack of volunteers, funding and regulations make the average day very challenging I would imagine.

For you and I it’s all smiles, (for the most part) as we drop off our little monsters only to return oblivious to their struggles that day. I can see it, I focus beyond the busy halls and observe the conversation and expressions. Personally I just feel like we could do a little better job as a community to say thank you. A simple thank you note in the agenda, a cup of coffee or a little extra effort to be involved in your children’s educational career would go a long way in my opinion.

Seeing as most of the charity I see directed to the school is for the kids, which is wonderful. I thought “Hey why not try and do something for the faculty”. So I did…

We bought lunch!

With your help we bought $250 visa towards a pizza party when the time is convenient for them! Hopefully it is sufficient to brighten all of your days and to let you know how much we value your time and efforts raising our children. Thank you.